Mission Statement:

This site is dedicated to youth and their families working hard to create a better life for tomorrow and searching for a few resources to meet immediate needs today.  Gainful.edublogs.org is constructed to be (youth) user-friendly and intuitive. Although several resources are listed on this site, thousands more can be found at www.211.org or other non-profit organizations in your area.

Hey Steffannie, Why Did You Create This Site?

Because I care.  I’m a local counselor who works with youth and families. When they are in need of a helping hand, time is of the essence.  Some of my clients find traditional information/resource sites difficult to navigate. This is a simple site, easy to navigate, and allows me to share resources that have proven successful over the years (as well as links to other tradition ‘help’ like National #211).  Even more importantly, it’s available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week from a cell phone or laptop. It was a labor of love to create, but worth every moment.

If you have suggestions or questions, contact the website creator: steffannie@mgcwonline.com 

This is your life, live it well!


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